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Talent, creativity, and innovative ability

Along the digital highway to results, together we use networks, build ecosystems, work in living labs, and use advanced digital techniques. Everyone participates in this journey of discovery, looking for talent, creativity, and innovative ability.

Breda is accelerating smart technology in many areas. In this way, the lives of our residents, visitors, students, entrepreneurs, and organizations are becoming healthier, more pleasant, easier, and more inclusive. End users play a role in determining and realizing initial choices and implementation of smart applications.

Bottom-up, grass-roots and need-driven but also always underlined by firm core ambitions: to be Limitless, Welcoming and Green.

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Our core ambitions:
Limitless, Welcoming & Green

Together with our citizens, we make Breda—strategically located on an important junction for trade and business—even more international, accessible and optimally connected (Limitless); refreshing, attractive and hospitable toward everyone (Welcoming). And last, but not least: we have a goal to make it sustainable, circular, with plenty of room for sport, relaxation and tranquility in nature and landscape (Green).

Naturally, we formulated these ambitions together in an open and dynamic process with the city and then as a program ‘Breda Brings it Together’ anchored by Breda’s administrative board.

Realizing these ambitions requires an entrepreneurial approach and teamwork with:

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